RuimteOK kenniscentrum (knowledge center)
Climate change, reducing the CO2, classroom sustainability. These are the theme’s school administrators and school building owners have for the next 10 years. provides a knowledge platform that guides the stakeholders with this transition.
Stichting Ruimte-OK
by React online
Cordeel Group NV is an independent family-owned business with 1,600 employees and an annual turnover of 650 million euros. With roots in Belgium, they have grown to become a major European player. Cordeel Group consists of 11 companies and is located in 4 countries and operates in even 11 countries. We have realized their own corporate website for Belgium, Netherlands, Serbia and Bulgaria.
by 10uur
Video calls for Slachtofferhulp Netherlands
This project makes the employees and clients of Slachtofferhulp Nederlands able to have and plan safe and secure video calling with Drupal 9.
With covid-19 happening it needed de be built and deployed quickly so the very important work of victim support Netherlands can continue.
Slachtofferhulp Nederland
by 040Lab BV
Sparkblue - Communities of Practice
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was in need of integrating internal and external communication between UNDP staff and external partners to seamlessly collaborate across platforms. We have created a series of integrations for their suite of tools that includes Microsoft Office 365, Yammer and Delve as well as many others, circumventing redundancy of content and systems as a consequence.
UNDP (United Nations Development Program)
by Open Social
From waste to energy: accelerating the transition with HVC
HVC believes in a future in which energy is clean and raw materials are being reused. To lead the way, they are transforming themselves from residual waste incinerator into a sustainable energy company. But HVC cannot do this without the residents. Therefore we set off with HVC to inform, inspire and mobilize the people to help speed up the transition, starting with a completely new website.
by Unc Inc
Mediaprint Online
The well-known and recognizable labels on library books nowadays come from a Drupal web application. Atom updated the Windows application on CD to an online service.
NBD Biblion
by Atom
Starbucks EMEA / Multi Site platform [IE/FR/DE/UK]
MediaMonks together with Starbucks collaborated on creation of a multisite / single codebase, platform which accommodates the corporate company requirements in terms of dynamic products representation, interactive regional store finder and of course the most complex part the user account section which gives all necessary centralized tools to access the orders history and financial assets for star
Starbucks EMEA
by MediaMonks
Study in Holland: The official starting point for studying in Holland
Making a large amount of information about studying in The Netherlands easily available to future international students within a technically complex environment: that was the challenge for the development of The ‘Study in Holland’ website achieved both and has become the starting point for all international students who consider The Netherlands as a study destination.
by One Shoe
Ivago - From waste collection to digitally supported sustainability
A future-proof and sustainable waste policy is at the heart of IVAGO’s mission. To achieve this, both internal efficiency and optimal information-sharing with citizens are key. Digital transformation, including a complete overhaul of existing platforms and an online consultation portal, would prove to be the way forward. We build a new Drupal 8 website with an integrated online citizen portal.
by Dropsolid
The foundation
Stichting Accessibility (The Dutch Accessibility Foundation) is thé center of expertise in the field of digital accessibility in the Netherlands. Their own website is thé entrance point for companies and organisations who want to learn about the why and how of digital inclusivity - and should thus be perfectly accessible.
Stichting Accessibility
by LimoenGroen