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Team Rockstars IT
Team Rockstars IT is the agency of choice for top-notch IT-professionals whose focus is backend .NET, Java and mobile. Once you’re a member of the Rockstars family, the sky’s the limit. Using a fresh concept and style; only ‘rockstar’ developers are invited. They were looking for an agency that has the same DNA and was able to create a new design and website fitting to the Rockstars image.
Project description
Team Rockstars IT is the agency of choice for IT professionals. Whether you are a student, starter or professional with the necessary experience. Team Rockstars IT supports developers with what they really like, namely working on cool projects. Rockstars builds your career through the use of a professional team of account managers and career coaches who can support the developers in every wish. But beware; Team Rockstars IT uses the principle 'Only the best get in'!
Prior to the realization of the platform, together with Team Rockstars IT we have translated the core values Heart, Open, Energetic, Rebels and Adventurous into a creative concept. With this we have shaped the digital strategy, in which existing and future Rockstars (students, starters and professionals) but also clients feel optimally informed. Colours helped Team Rockstars IT to get as much as possible out of their digital resources. We do this by realizing the optimal user experience for future clients and IT Rockstars.
Miriam Torrico, Product Owner at Team Rockstars IT, is enthusiastic about the collaboration:
“Over the past few months we have worked hand-in-hand with Colours on our new website. Within this process, it is particularly striking how close Colours has been with us as a customer. During the development period you literally work together in the same space for the realization of the digital platform. This makes it possible to guarantee the most important core values and focus points that we have come up with in the creative process with Colours. We will continue to work closely together in the future on the optimization of the platform, in order to further improve the possibilities and user experience.”
- The Team Rockstars IT website uses Carerix (staffing & recruitment software). The website was to be linked to this software. Colours has experience with linking to recruitment software, but to be sure we created a proof-of-technology: a stand-alone link to Carerix with all the functions that were to be implemented. This worked like a charm!
- The design (befitting the Team Rockstars IT image) was a challenging one to implement in the front-end of the website. We made it work creating a custom Drupal template. By using Atomic Design principles, we were able to build a library with all the different UI components. These components made it possible to build a solid and consistent frontend. During the development, the component library gave us the possibility to do rapid prototyping. This way the client could see and test a working frontend while developers worked on implementing the Drupal template.
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