TB Group doubles number of leads immediately thanks to new digital strategy

The case
TB groep
With over 450 employees and more than 30 branches, TB is a leading Dutch automotive company. Their online landscape was very outdated, which led the company to encounter all sorts of technical limitations. But perhaps the most important reason was that TB realized that the customer journey of (potential) car buyers had changed drastically and that their websites did not belong to this anymore.
Project description
The process started with a number of strategic sessions with a delegation of management and marketing of TB. Together we looked at the goals, the target group and the customer journey. Such sessions are not only intended to inspire each other and to reflect on the greatest opportunities there are, but also to ensure that everyone agrees about the roadmap after the sessions. And with 'everyone' I mean not only ourselves and our customer, but certainly also the various stakeholders at the customer who have to deal with the online landscape in their work. In the digital transformation that TB is experiencing, it is important to continue to play on the changing customer journey. The ability to and always change, we have also integrated within the strategy.

An important outcome of these sessions was that TB had to rely less on 'sending what we can and should have' and had to respond better to the information needs of the target group when it is online. One of the results is that TB on the occasion website - in contrast to by far the most comparable websites - no longer focuses on all the technical specifications of a car, but explains what you can do with it. For example, whether the car is suitable for towing a caravan. That seems like a small step, but it did provide a big difference in ease of use, and therefore the results.

In the last few months we have launched the ten websites that are part of the new online platform one by one. In the coming period, we are still working hard on various expansions and optimisations. What we saw immediately, however, was that the strategy is paying off. The number of leads - people who come to the showroom thanks to the website - has already more than doubled compared to the same period last year! Another big advantage is that we now measure everything. We map out the entire customer journey and can easily make adjustments based on data. This way we can become more and more relevant to the broad target group and establish an increasingly better platform that fits the business objectives of TB.
- Making a link with various systems, including a stock module for occasions, and systems for handling and following up on leads. The Used Car Control System was difficult to connect with. In the end we succeeded in making a number of design changes (fun fact: the Used Car Control System did not support 1920 wide images)

- The elasticsearch_connector module was not stable, so we had to make a lot of patches. We used facets with elasticsearch, result-based filtering (see> https://www.tb-occasioncenter.nl/). We are looking at the possibility to rewrite the elasticsearch_connector module and make it more stable, based on the real elasticsearch SDK (talked with the creators (search_api, elasticsearch_connector) on DrupalCon).

- The online Drupal platform for TB is multisite and the most common ones use UCC and elasticsearch.

- Facets (https://www.drupal.org/project/facets) module for Drupal 8 didn’t work create with history.js so we build a new top on it to make it work with history.js and fixes on the way some facets ajax bugs.

- The roll-out of ten websites via a single Drupal platform, enabling us to make a huge improvement in efficiency. Many websites consist of the same components, but are personalized for 20% according to the specific customer journey and the brand.
Community contributions
- "Using checkboxes with an "is all of" filter fails if any options are selected" - https://www.drupal.org/project/search_api/issues/2898917

- "Elasticsearch facet size/limit not working (alway max 10 results in facet)" - https://www.drupal.org/project/elasticsearch_connector/issues/2908537

- "Must not exists condition wrong (FilterFactory)" - https://www.drupal.org/project/elasticsearch_connector/issues/2863199

- "Multiple ConditionGroups array merge fault. (SearchBuilder)" https://www.drupal.org/project/elasticsearch_connector/issues/2863005