We Are You
The case
The old SKVR website was due for replacement. After turbulent times - with among other things a change in management, a financial deficit, a lack of clarity about vision and mission - SKVR has come to realize that a well-performing site is an essential condition to get SKVR on top again. See it as a necessary investment for the future.
Project description
The central mission of SKVR is to make cultural education accessible to everyone (in Rotterdam and surroundings)

The new Drupal website will focus on the following areas:
- The target groups must feel more appealed
- Conversion ratio must be increased. The old website had too many dropouts in the order flow.
- Provide more insight into the behavior and navigation on the website.
- Modular design, which makes the website future-proof.

We are you were asked to make a proposal for the development of a strategically thought out site concept, the design and the realization in Drupal of a thorough new version of the new site.
Main technical challenges were third party integrations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used by SKVR as PIM/ERP, and there are no available modules to provide the integration out-of-the-box. Custom modules was implemented to provide integration with Drupal Commerce: product import, order management, customers management, etc.
Payment systems desired by SKVR were also not available in Drupal. Custom solutions were created to facilitate working with iDEAL and AcceptEasy payment options.
Community contributions
We are in progress of implementing generic module for iDEAL integration.