The case
Samen Dementievriendelijk/Alzheimer Nederland
For, part of Alzheimer Nederland we developed an online learning system to make the Netherlands more ‘Dementia-friendly’. This is done by providing short courses, that train the Dutch to become more aware of the issues around dementia and how to address these in real life situations. Atom has build this platform in collaboration with Schaapontwerpers for visual design.
Project description
The objective of Samen Dementie vriendelijk (‘Dementia-friendly together), is to make the Netherlands more ‘Dementia-friendly’, that is to create awareness and help people recognize and react in a helpful manner. This program of Alzheimer Nederland, a not for profit organization, is subsidized by the Dutch government. The website fits in a larger campaign, in which for instance also TV commercials are run, in order to reach the general public.
The site ‘counts’ the number of Dementia-friendly citizens of the Netherlands by registering email addresses. In order to follow an online training, one has to register with an email address.
The site not only provides for easy access to the courses for the general public, there are also separate entry points for businesses or cities. It is possible to register for instance a business department as a team.
The success of the project is measured by the amount of people that register on the website and follow a training course. For large companies a LTI extension had been built so that the courses, created within Drupal, can be loaded and followed within the company’s inhouse training program. Courses contain complex content such as video material. The goal, amount of registrations and follow trainings, for 2017 was well met before the end of the year.
The project started on january 1st of 2017 and launched on the16th of March. A very ambitious project and a hard deadline: the site had to be relaunched before a big new TV campaign. We managed to cope with the tight deadline by creating two teams with their own responsibilities and a strict definition of a ‘minimum viable product’ with our client.

Besides the scope of the project itself, it was also challenging to come up with a graphic design which would do justice to the seriousness of the subject, without being ‘dull’. Design agency ‘Schaapontwerpers’ was up for the challenge, and did a tremendous job.

While the design was getting shape, building was already commenced in order to be able to meet the tight deadline. We translated the design into modular ‘blocks’, which give the editors of the site a lot of freedom when putting the content together.
Community contributions
The system is equipped with an API for exchange of the learning content. This API is conforming to the LTI standard (Learning Tools Integration). This standard is for example used in common learning platforms such as Moodle. We are planning to provide this API as a Drupal 8 module back to the community.

Before Atom rebuild, the platform was a custom build closed software project. Converting such a high traffic platform for a large organisation as Alzheimer Netherlands is not only a big win for Drupal, it also truly is a compliment for open source in general.