Organix - Global brand platform

The case
Design / UX
Organix is much more than a food manufacturer – it’s a brand that supports families with quality content and advice about food from pregnancy through to little ones growing into toddlers and beyond. Together with Redweb, Burst built an engaging and highly successful, mobile-first platform that helps connect parents with Organix’s food, content and philosophy.

Project description
First a thorough business analysis was conducted to align digital activity with the broader business plan of Organix. The analysis and findings from these early stages went on to directly inform designs and prototyping for the new site – feeding into a vision of supporting parents throughout the good food journey with quality content. Of course, how parents care for their kids throughout that journey is an innately personal thing, based on making the right decisions for the family. That’s why customisation and user curation would be core features of the site’s development. You can see this in action in the login facility, where parents can record their children’s dates of birth, ‘can’t haves’ and dietary choices to help determine how and where relevant content is surfaced.

The thorough discovery and definition process helped to set parameters that would lead to richer insights to validate our thinking in usability testing (UT). Alongside testing the journeys and layouts of the new site, the range of subconscious and emotional testing with parents also touched on colour schemes, iconography, photography moodboards and word association exercises. Working with three groups – expectant parents, first-timers getting to grips with feeding and weaning, and existing parents of two of more children – delivered a range of invaluable learnings. These included nuances of interactions on tablets or phones in different contexts, how they would complete different actions like mailing list signups, and even offline interactions including preferences for receiving post.

The insights we gained from UT were also integral to creating a synergy with offline activity, social channels and email. This included splitting out large ‘book’-style PDFs into individual pages with bite sized content that could be sent in a timely, personal and relevant manner via email – driving deeper engagement with a wealth of shareable advice, recipes, features and reports. Post-launch, it’s an approach that’s been shown to not only encourage return visits, but has also led to parents sharing tips and meal ideas via word or mouth, WhatsApp and social media.

In terms of technology the platform contains many connections with external platforms and API's, such as a full UK address lookup service, email marketing platform and CRM. Solr is used as the search engine and finally there is an extensive integration with an ecommerce partner that provides us with product and availibility information.

Since the launch, we are working closely with Organix to refactor and update the platform. First step to make the platform real global is to give it a multi-site structure. First sites to launch hereafter are the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
The platform contains a few extensive integrations with external API’s. Also, a custom API needed to be built into the platform in order to implement all user and sign-up functionality. Finally, the front-end development was challenging because of the complex elements in the website (e.g. tabbed sliders with draggable bar or the login bar) and the motion design that needed to be implemented.

The platform was built for a single website only ( and first launched late 2016. Last year we refactored the platform to make it a global, multi-site platform, with configurable API connections (for example the Dutch team uses a different CRM system). Also, the platform can be used to launch campaign- and microsites, for example in countries that don’t have an Organix office and team.
Community contributions
We submitted some issue reports and patches to existing modules. No custom modules were created for this project that we could share. However, we feel that this platform of a large and well known brand in Europe is a good example of what Drupal is capable of for companies considering Drupal.