Nieuw ziekenhuis, nieuwe website!

The case
Dijklander ziekenhuis
The hospitals Waterlandziekenhuis and Westfriesgasthuis merged in 2017 with the aim of insuring patients for specialist medical care in the region. Under the new name of Dijklander Ziekenhuis, they focus on planable, complex and non-complex care treatments. This type of radical change and its impact requires clarity in communication. Important instrument: a new website.
Project description
With the website they wanted to exceed the expectations of visitors, bind patients and make employees proud.

The biggest challenge with this goal was to merge all content from both (former) websites into one website where patients find their information friendly, clear and inexpensive. Despite the new name: Dijklander. This required agreement between the staff of similar departments of the two hospitals.

The latter was extremely successful, because the new website ensured that departments (such as an operation) started talking to each other. With this they realized that they work in a hospital. The result: the staff has come closer together and visitors are better served with information they need. Which ultimately leads to better bonding with patients.
With the team of Dijklander (over 150 people) we created 548 new pages. Merged from the former websites. The new homepage of Dijklander Hospital helps visitors quickly to relevant information.
An important aspect for hospital websites is the acquisition of good staff. Vacancies must always be synchronized with an external application. For this we use the Migration API from drupal core. This retrieves information from Connexys.

Waiting times on a hospital website are also important. To meet the legal obligations. And for visitors, because this is a determining factor when choosing a hospital. For this we have built a custom entity so that they are the same on all pages. Easy to use by different staff members.

Community contributions
We have developed one module and different patches for multiple drupal projects
Module: file replace

Drupal core

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WSOD when editing image field settings: ttps://

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