New website Nederlandse Unesco Commissie

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The case
De Nederlandse Unesco Commissie
The aim of renewing was to make the site much more visually attractive, more user-friendly on all devices and utterly flexible for the editor to present information in different ways. Highlights are the Google-based World Heritage map (1092 different locations and photo series), that can also be presented in a list-format, and secondly the ‘visual’ search and search results page.
Project description
* Visually attractive website instead of more text-based site.
* World Heritage map with 1092 locations and filtering options
* Annual report published as a digital publication saving a lot of money on printing costs
* Integrating separate website for Unesco schools in corporate website, thus saving money
* More flexibility in the structure of pages from the perspective of the editor
* Possibilities and durability of Drupal version 8 instead of 7

1. User friendly website & responsive
2. More visitors
3. More visual parts
4. Improvement of search engine
5. World Heritage accessible for different kind of users
6. Better brand experience

Facts and figures:
=> Increase of unique visitors from 11,000 to 22,000 in two months after launch
=> Saving a lot of money (10.000 euro) by presenting annual report digitally instead of sending printed versions
=> Efficient for several editors because of a single CMS for corporate and schools
The main challenges:
* World heritage map including: filtering (views), search (Solr search combining Drupal module) and zoom levels (Google maps). Speed solved by customizing Json code.
* Search engine visual parts and filtering => Solr search engine including tweaking
* Structure of pages and flexibility solved by using paragraphs
* Converting design challenges to the web and to de different formats of devices.
* Different newsfeeds from 2 until 9 items for different content types (views and customization)
* Opinion blocks sliding at homepage and swiping (CSS and Javascript)
* Annual report built up by different pages with preservation of url structure and indexing
* 3 different tags (tag module) for filtering, dossiers (direct) and publication (direct)
Community contributions
* We were able to convince an organisation with a great appearance to the Drupal community
* We contributed the Drupal community by visiting several sprints with our employees