The new a thoroughly optimised website with a new design and the typical Multilease DNA

The case
ShopWorks created the new, with optimised technical structures and processes, a new design and an improved reworking of the Multilease DNA into an online presence. The result is a rock-solid, informative website with a personal touch used to provide support to the Multilease target audience. Various interfaces, a Calculator and Webforms provide support in achieving set objectives.
Project description
Multilease specialises in reliable and innovative products and services in the field of mobility. Their range includes various comprehensive lease packages, fleet management support services, and mobility-related consultancy. In a modern market characterised by a steady increase in digitalisation, Multilease aims to be a partner to the people who drive its leased vehicles, and to the fleet managers that serve them. Personal care, optimal service and reliable assurance are guiding principles in this context. Multilease and ShopWorks worked in close collaboration to create the new Multilease website.

1. Background
The old Sitecore website no longer provided sufficient support for Multilease to provide their services to the best of their abilities. The technical structure no longer met their needs, and neither did the design. The new website focused on the following preferences:

• optimisation of the technical structure and processes of the website
• an improved rework of the brand proposition, the personal touch as well as the Multilease DNA into an online presence
• a clear focus on service

The need for optimised technology arose from the range of lease options, which had not been coherently structured so far. Until now, different categories had been presented separately when it came to pricing. Used car leasing, special bargains, company-owned cars, and private vehicles: each of these used to have its own separate lease calculator. Multilease wanted to combine all of those categories into a single online price calculator. The second aspect was the Multilease brand proposition and DNA. They have a strong focus on the personal touch, a service-driven approach and professionalism. The old website was less efficient in conveying these values. Accordingly, the new website needed to be better at presenting Multilease as an organisation and conveying what it represents. Finally, Multilease wanted to introduce more coherent focus in the website to optimise services.

Based on the information above, ShopWorks advised Multilease to create its new website in Drupal. This was in part because Drupal provides access to excellent options with regard to technology and branding. A secure, user-friendly CMS is important to Multilease. All these reasons contributed to the decision to use Drupal. And besides, it delivers great results for a doable investment.

2. Concept & goals
The concept for the new platform was a crisp, refreshing website that both target groups – fleet managers as well as drivers of their leased vehicles – could rely on for their various administrative affairs. It was also important that potential clients should be able to find their way to information. In addition, it was key to present the Multilease brand personality clearly and to provide an optimal structure for the technology behind the systems. The goals were defined as follows:

Primary goals
• providing support for fleet managers as well as drivers of their leased vehicles, making their lives easier
• providing service
• maintaining contact with target groups
• being able to maintain and edit the Multilease website themselves
Secondary goal
• sales conversions: requests for information and quotes

3. The new and improved
ShopWorks provided the entire design of the new website, from visual layout to the mobile website. The existing offline Multilease company style was reworked into an online presence, with an additional focus on the personal touch that Multilease wanted to convey. For that reason, no agency models were used in the photos for the website; all the people on the photos actually work at Multilease. The design was then consolidated into an extensive style guide.

3.1 Technical solution
The technical structure of the Multilease website consists of a number of interesting modules, functionalities and interfaces. The website is built in Drupal version 8.6 and is linked to multiple AutoDisk modules. This company provides various modules, including an interface with the Multilease ERP package: LeaseWise. This is a system that records up-to-date prices and availability of lease cars. The information in that system is updated constantly, ensuring that it always displays the most up-to-date information on the Multilease website. What is unique about this interface is that it is possible to search within multiple categories in one single overview – such as new leased cars, used cars available for lease, company-owned cars as well as special bargains. From a technical perspective, this represented a major part of the project and a unique component in the lease market.

The new website has made it possible to join the entire lease range into one single calculator, a feature that Multilease had specifically requested and, as stated previously, is unique for the lease sector. The range of leased used cars, special bargains, company-owned cars (new) and passenger vehicles (new) can now be browsed in the same calculator. For instance, it is now possible for people to search based on brand or lease budget. The search results will display a range of lease cars, ranging from special bargains and regular vehicles as well as leased used cars, as long as it meets the parameters of the filters.

Extended search functionality and calculation module
In addition to the Search API for the standard search function, the website also provides various functionalities to make the search for a car as efficient as possible. It is possible to search within a selection of about 8000 versions with a price filter, based on the visitor’s lease preferences. This includes a preferred lease contract term and mileage. In addition, a calculation module was created in Drupal that can make quick calculations to indicate the costs of a leased car: the Financial Lease Calculator. It is possible for the user to indicate how much they want to invest, the term of the contract and the final price, then displaying the lease price excluding VAT. This gives the user an immediate indication of the estimated lease costs.

Creating pages and Webforms
The pages on the website have been built using stacks, which gives Multilease the option to create pre-filtered overview pages: for instance an overview that only includes electric cars, or only special bargains. Another part where it is possible for Multilease to make their own modifications is the forms. Using the Webforms module, over 30 forms have been created, including requests for quotes, damage claim forms, and much more. These forms are managed entirely by Multilease. To that end, Multilease uses conditional fields, star ratings and upload fields, all of which are part of the standard Webforms module.

Summary of technical aspects:
• Interface with AutoDisk modules
• Search API
• Financial Lease Calculator
• Webforms

4. Results
As a result of the new website, Multilease has seen a considerable improvement in their brand experience. The offline and online company style have been integrated into one consistent style, providing a powerful foundation. By using photos of actual employees, the new website brings back the personal touch and gives the organisation a face. This separates Multilease from their competitors in the lease market, who generally present a neutral brand image. Multilease has conducted various surveys to gather feedback from website users. Here are a few of the responses:
- ‘Good, clear website. Easy to find. Very nice that is also possible to do it online. That will save time. Adding a photo immediately shows me what I need to know.’
- ‘Even for me, as an inexperienced user, it went great.’
- ‘Good online calculator.’
- ‘A smart website with an overview of all the cars.’
- ‘This practical website has improved even more.’

The new website has also ensured lower costs for the company. No licence fees are required, and Multilease can maintain various parts of the website themselves. After the website was finished, ShopWorks organised a training course on how to use the Drupal website and the options available to modify it.

The figures show that the number of sessions on the website have increased by 0.5%. We can see a big change in the average session time. It increased by 14% in the first six months after the website went live, compared to the six months before. The requests for quotations have also increased considerably. We can see an increase of 24% in the first six months after the website went live, compared to the six months before.

Top 5 in independent survey
A February 2019 survey by WUA (Web Usability Advice), an organisation that specialises in surveys on digital customer experience, showed that Multilease is currently in the top five of car lease companies in the Netherlands, offering the best customer experience on smartphones and desktop computers. WUA commissioned a panel to start searching for a business lease car by using Google. Depending on which company was the top result in Google Search, each panel member then visited and assessed the site. In both instances, smartphone and desktop, Multilease was shown in the results and was therefore assessed. If your website does not even show up in the search results, you will not be included in the assessment at all. This year Multilease ended up in 5th place, right after Athlon, Leaseplan (twice) and DirectLease. The survey measured the efficiency and effectiveness of a website in retaining visitors. This corresponds to the results shown in Google Analytics regarding the increase in average session times.
The biggest non-technical challenge was the hard (and tight) deadline due to the imminent expiration of the Sitecore licence. By setting highly focused priorities and predetermining the minimum viable product, we were able to make the deadline. We prioritised the technical, more complex matters to the beginning of the project to ensure that the technological foundation would be solid. In the current phase, we are focusing on expanding from that solid foundation and rectifying matters where necessary.

From a technical perspective, we faced a challenge in adding a lease price-based filtering to the overview of lease cars. That issue would normally be solved with the facets of the Search API, but the technical challenge was so big that we opted for a tailor-made solution. The lease price is a dynamic filter that is dependent on the lease preferences of the visitor (term of contract and number of kilometres that the visitor will travel per year). In addition, the prices are entered into the system by means of various interfaces with AutoDisk. On a daily basis, approximately 6,500 vehicles and 230,000 associated prices are imported into the system.
Community contributions
At ShopWorks, we firmly believe that collaboration and interaction with the community are key. However, the majority of the projects we carry out are so specific that it is not always possible to give something to the community directly, for instance in the form of modules. Thankfully, we can do so indirectly. With our beautiful Drupal projects, we hope to inspire other users and showcase the tremendous possibilities offered by Drupal, even when designing tailor-made solutions. Drupal is highly flexible and can deliver on virtually any requirement.