the result of connection between corporate and marketing objectives

The case
Mora BVBA, part of Van Geloven (Ad van Geloven B.V.)
Mora Belgium is part of Van Geloven. This snack producer has become the pilot project of the larger whole. In addition to the corporate objectives of Van Geloven, the marketing department of Mora Belgium has specific objectives. A special and especially challenging project to keep all parties happy, partly because this is our first Drupal 8 project of this size!
Project description
Customer description
Ad van Geloven grew up within a butcher’s family in Brabant in the early 1960s. He started his career with producing and selling ragout and canned soup. In 1969 the first croquettes roll off the assembly line. In the years that followed, he built a company that makes the best snacks in all categories.

Ad van Geloven only wants to cooperate with brands and manufacturers who want to be the best in what they do. Since we share that same philosophy we became a natural match!
We came into contact with Van Geloven in 2013 to build their corporate website which was a rebranding project executed by an advertising agency.

All of Van Geloven brands have their own marketing department and carry out marketing for their brands in collaboration with their own design and internet agencies. As a result, Van Geloven lacks control over data. There are too many parties involved in marketing and web development. Because of this, marketing concepts and web techniques aren’t reusable.

The corporate goal of Van Geloven is to create the optimal combination between appearance and flexibility for marketing purposes and safeguarding processes from the back office and data security. Their objectives within the internet strategy are:
- centralize their sites for all their brands;
- the ability to reuse functions within the brand sites;
- connect to their back-office processes for complaints, product specification and marketing.

Mora Belgium is part of Van Geloven. This brand has become the pilot project of the entire platform. In addition to the corporate objectives of Van Geloven, the marketing department of Mora Belgium has a specific objective:
- creating opportunities for direct marketing aimed at consumers (B2C) and business customers (B2B).
The business customers do not buy directly from Mora Belgium but via wholesalers. Mora wanted an extra channel to bring products, promotional material and promotions to the attention of the B2B market. For example a trial package of a new snack, or when ordering Mora products a free second ticket for Halloween in a theme park.

For consumers we built a website where they can request information about specific products, and take part in campaigns.
For business customers we built a portal through which they can participate with the marketing campaigns put forth by Mora Belgium.

1. We first mapped the data. What data is there (think of customer data, product data, order data, etc).
2. We then started recording these data or presentation options (images, details, etc).
3. In collaboration with the design agency we translated the corporate identity into a solid web design.
4. Finally, we implemented the design on the technical foundation.

To accomplish this, we have deployed Drupal 8 in full width:
- detailed manager interface for layout of pages;
- availability of multiple languages;
- responsive layout for optimal availability from mobile to desktop;
- importing products and their specifications from PSinfood;
- two-way link with CRM / ERP for complaint handling, customer data and actions with internal sales application.
- From the corporate objective we are creating a platform where it is a continuous consideration whether the choices made are not too specific and only aimed at implementing the pilot for Mora Belgium. The ambitions of the marketing departments are not always in line with the ambitions of ICT within Van Geloven. Components within the platform must be reusable for other sites in the future. The challenge is to develop components in this way and not specifically and only for one site.
- The platform itself is a technical matter and Mora Belgium has approached the project from marketing and is therefore very visual. Being a supplier between ICT and Marketing communication makes it challenging to create the right translations in which both parties are satisfied.
- This project is our first implementation of Drupal 8 of this scope. Especially the (limited) possibilities of contributed modules -for connecting the back office- was at times challenging. There has been a lot of research and self-study in search of available modules and best practices at that time.

However, the challenges were met, and overcome! Continuing to coordinate frequently with the various parties involved has led to a successful implementation, a result that we are proud of. We now have a satisfied customer. It’s exactly because of these kind of challenges that a solid foundation has been built that will flourish for many years. To illustrate Ad van Geloven’s vision: "By being the best, you win. And that’s how you grow.” Something we totally agree with. We’re looking forward to further our cooperation with Van Geloven's snack producers!
Community contributions
The project contributed to the Drupal community by testing and suggest patches, including:
- config_devel module: own patch written for the automatic export of configuration YAMLs if something is modified in the configuration;
- migrate_plus module, a patch for data fetcher to also retrieve data via POST (this functionality may be in migrate_plus by now).