Montefiore Medical Center

The case
Montefiore Medical Center
New portals for the specialised departments of the Montefiore Medical Center based in New York City. With these portals the Montefiore Medical Center can provide good resources for potential patients while giving doctors a space to share their expertise in a personalised way.
Project description
Montefiore Medical Center’s mission, vision and values serve as our guide for pursuing clinical excellence—breaking new ground in research, training the next generation of healthcare leaders, and delivering science-driven, patient-centered care.

With these portals Montefiore Medical Center can reach potential patients which can find out more information about doctors, specific research based information and ability to book appointments. Also it gives a social space to doctors to share their profiles in a personalised way with full biography, researches which gives full transparency and visibility to patients about doctor qualifications.

Currently the portals for the Orthopedics and Arrhythmia specialized departments are live with more departments to follow in the future.

Client has an existing system which contains all doctor and publication information and had the wish to keep this in tact as much as possible while being able to extend this with information which is not present in the existing system.

Technical summary
Drupal Profile Based architecture, which is dynamic in order to use the built Drupal profile for other websites/subsites spin-ups
Robust page component built system which allows flexibility in page creation by introducing personalisation through combination of stacked components.
A central Drupal 8 based “core” microservice was created to capture and aggregate data from 3rd party services and serve it to Montefiore Department sites.
Robust structure allows to expose the API endpoints and handle high volume of requests/traffic due to the horizontal scaling Solr based architecture. Also the “core” microservice is capable to update and keep its database up to date on a daily basis.
Robust content editing workflows, which aligns content editing flows passing it through draft, in progress, review processes and final approvals for publishing.
Bynder is an integration that allows to keep all assets such as videos and images in a central place and let editors to pull those from a common library and search those by keywords and collections.
SSO based system, which allows doctors and content editors to authorise via their unique set of Hospital based Credentials.
Security compliant Architecture.
Integrations with Salesforce and Marketing tools for custom event tracking used for later enhancement of the platforms.
Hosted on Acquia Cloud & Acquia Cloud Site Factory
Community contributions
We were testing the ADR (Action Domain Responder) pattern for this project which turned out was not supported by Drupal. To be able to use this in future projects we’ve contributed a patch to Core which will be part of the upcoming Drupal 8.7 release.

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