Jong Leren Eten

The case
Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland
“Jong Leren Eten” is an iniative of the ministery of LNV & VWS. It’s a program that wants to make it possible that kids get in contact with information and activities about food. It has as purpose that kids make more healthy choices. The goal of the website is for schools to organize activities for kids with help of “brokers”.
Project description
The project started as a redesign of an already existing website. The client problem was that the website was unclear in its goal and users didn’t know what was expected of them. The redesign had as goal to make it easier for users to find the “brokers” that organize activities for kids. But also, for people to be inspired by reading “use cases” of previous activities.
One of the main challenge of the website was to think of a way for customers to understand that they needed to get into contact with these “brokers”. The previous website first made choices of target audience but never made a clear way for people to get into contact with brokers.
While the target audience was schools, you could make choices what kind of school (middle school, high school) you were searching for. But these were not options that mattered when it came to with who you needed to contact with. So we removed this options and made a clear path to the page were you can get into contact with a brokers that is within your region.
Community contributions
There is no clear contributions to the community. We made the website entirely out of existing contrib modules without the use of custom modules.