Interactive portal regarding healthcare, income and social work

The case
Gemeente Woerden, afdeling Woerdenwijzer
Summary is a website of the municipality of Woerden and helps their citizens in finding their way in family affairs, social work, income and healthcare.

The website is based upon Drupal 8 and contains several integrations with external sources, which have been connected with API's.
Project description
The former website has been developed in 2012 and did not meet the expectations of visitors and principal anymore. The original wish was to implement a redesign but research amongst citizens showed that there was a demand for a more integrated solution.

Objectives of the project
The goal of the project is to realize a sustainable responsive website to help the citizens of Woerden with questions regarding healthcare, income and nurturing in a way that it is easy for every kind of user finding the right information and/or organization.

This objective has led to a set of communication objectives. is part of a larger project in which several local government services have been (or will be) integrated, therefore information from several sources have been connected.

Achieving objectives
In this case the (several kind of) users have been set central in this project. Therefore we have advised the principal to realize an interaction design based upon a good user experience by defining several personas.

Currently, the principal is achieving objectives and will extend release-based functionality for there visitors.
The main organisational challenge was working together with the different partners of the client. There were several other systems that needed to be integrated with the platform. The design and UX was also provided by a third party. We took an agile approach and had several important meetings to make sure all the work and goals aligned perfectly.

The main technical challenge for the platform was the integration with a external API to get important information regarding related organisation and the services they provide the the citizens. Most of the data is fetched in real time while still providing the site editors tools to enrich the data. The data should also be searchable. The Drupal Search API module was used to integrate the external webservice through a custom Search API backend and integrate custom facets not supported by the external API.

While planning the site architecture, there were several common elements on the different content types in the site. Using the paragraphs module, we’ve given the editors the building blocks to build all pages on the website in a uniform way. This gives the editors a lot of control and helps them to provide the content in the best way possible.
Community contributions
We have worked closely with the maintainers of the Search API and Facet module to integrate the external API leveraging these modules. This provided useful feedback to the maintainers and helped solve important issues, at the same time validating the flexibility of the Search API module.

Some patches contributed:

Link Attributes Widget:

Field Formatter:

Better Exposed Filters: