GE Digital

The case
GE Digital
A portal developed for one of the top niche companies in tech and heavy industry innovation: “General Electrics - Digital” - which main target is to transform industrial companies through the Industrial Internet Of Things. The portal is a subsidiary of the American multinational corporation General Electric
Project description
GE Digital endorsed MediaMonks to upgrade their Drupal platform from 7 to 8, together with a full revamp in UX & design.

On one hand, the technical capabilities enabled GE Digital to be ready for personalisation and other marketing tooling, on the other hand we focused on a new product taxonomy that clearly articulates GE Digital’s horizontal product portfolio in order to generate qualified leads from industrial companies.

Based on these objectives, we had a blended team withUX, Design and Development sprinting for 4 months to get the Minimum Loveable Product of this new platform up and running in a successful way.
Transforming a large amount of complex content into a clean and visually attractive website while making it easy to consume by the target audience.

Technical summary
Drupal 8 based platform
Robust page component built system which allows flexibility in page creation by introducing personalization through combination of stacked components.
SSO based authorization mechanism
Robust content editing workflows, which aligns content editing flows passing it through draft, in progress, review processes and final approvals for publishing.
Dynamic and custom implemented social feed components.
Complex components and widgets that aggregate content from multiple content types and serve it in a personalized way.
Content tagging system.
Usage of Database + Search API for fast content indexing and searching.
Integration of Drift engagement component
Integration of Marketing and personalized analytics capture tools such as Adobe Target.
Implementation of dynamic cards components which allows easy and user friendly content representation and filtering
Community contributions
We’ve contributed the modules and where were created for this project (username: sorinb).