From ecommerce to a Pluim experience

The case
WishWish (Pluimen)
Summary is the result of the combining of two different platforms with different targetgroups, combined in one platform where the new branding shows its true colors. The new Drupal platform combine buying the Pluim, a hardcover card with a uniek digital code, and the cashing in the Pluim you received, with the possibility to upsell the gift.
Project description
WishWish, the owner of the Pluimen brand, had two different platforms, and The first is for purchasing Pluimen and the later one was a closed environment, where people with a Pluim can login and find gifts and use the Pluim voucher to trade it for a gift. The objective was to build one platform where the targeted audience can buy Pluimen and where the receiver of the Pluim can trade the voucher code for a gift and has the possibility to raise the amount of his gift with his own money. Required conditions where that there had to be multiple connections with external parties and databases.
The result is a platform, where the UX guides the target audiences through the order or cash process in a fast and easy way.
Throughout the holidays the hosting will endure peak traffic. One of WishWish’s biggest demands was that the hosting should be able to withstand these peaks. The former websites had loading times over 10 seconds during these peaks and the new platform measured a loading time less then 2,5 second in the peak holiday season.
Two different target audiences: the person buying the Pluim and the person receiving the Pluim. Both of the target audiences have different needs and have a different approach in fulfilling their needs. The UX differs for both target audiences due to the message that we want to share.
One of the biggest challenges was overcoming the issues regarding to the BETA version of the Drupal commerce platform. By persistency, hard work, helping and getting help from the community we managed to make it work.

Besides building a Drupal shop where people can buy, customize,personalize and send the Pluim, we also build a platform to cash in the Pluim and buy gifts with the credit on the Pluim. People also have the possibility to supplement their own money to receive a more expensive gift Buying, customizing, personalizing and sending of the Pluim is an angular application connected to the Drupal 8 backend. This was a double e-commerce challenge on its own.

Although there was no module, we’ve implemented Buckaroo with our custom made module for Buckaroo.
There were multiple connections to different external sources, for example Intersolve. a distributor for the Pluim voucher codes.
With more than 1.000 products, we implemented a search API to create a quick response on the customers search & keywords. We also made a special filtering page to filter quickly through the gifts.

In December we expected and measured a peak in website visitors. Therefore, we implemented a load balancer, added Redis caching and we have implemented Big Pipe to load the different parts of the website a-synchronically to the hosting.
Community contributions
We contributed to patches and modules for the Drupal commerce suite. We are currently working contributing the Buckaroo module, an external payment service, to the community.