The case
For publisher Eduklik we’ve developed a new version of dubbelklik, their teaching method for the VMBO (lower middle-level vocational education). Some of the key ingredients of the newly developed system: a full integration between paper and online; physical tests can be scanned and submitted online if preferred; insight in students progress; students can build an online career evaluation file.
Project description
21st century education demands an educational form students can relate to. This is the reason Eduklik asked Finalist to assist in developing a new method for the 20.000 students that work with Edukliks course management system Dubbelklik.

While Eduklik is already a frontrunner in the field of online courses for the vocational education market, they keep innovating their web based tools to ensure students get the best experience. The new system, for instance, enabled teachers to customize and create their own tests by selecting from a set of predefined questions of various types (multiple choice, file upload, open questions, drag and drop questions, et cetera). Teachers monitor the progress of students on one of the overviews from which they can also grade the submitted assignments.
Teaching staff can also activate and assign optional modules to either students or complete classes. Grading can be achieved by either by assigning a grade or a emoticon.

To make it easy for students to register on Dubbelklik teachers can share a class wide registration code. When users log in they are welcomed by a dashboard where they have easy access to their assigned modules and get an overview of the latest graded assignments and assignments they have already started but haven’t finished yet.

A rather unique feature of Dubbelklik is the way it is tailored towards vocational education. For example is allows students to print out the assignment. When they are finished they can take a photo of the result with their smartphone and scan a QR code to upload the work so the teacher can examine it.

By combining the Quiz module with the Paragraphs module Dubbelklik empowers the editors to create a rich learning experience.

Was the reason for the project?
The main reason for this project is to give teachers and students more insight in the progress of the work and to provide more freedom to complete their assignments. Also Eduklik wants to combine physical and digital tests to provide the ultimate learning experience. This way the teachers can use the assignments as they see fit for their pupils and school situation

Which objectives have been set for the project?
The goals set for this project are:
Students must be able to easily create an account, after which they are in the correct class immediately after registering;
Teachers must be able to activate various modules per student in the context of personalized learning;
Teacher can view and assess the work that has been done;
Being able to connect paper and online without losing sight of the progress;
Students have insight into the progress of their work and assessments by their teachers;
The teachers must be able to compose unique tests from a set of various predefined questions;
Students can only take tests if the teacher shares the appropriate test code with the students;
Combining various types of question types, to enrich the didactic and substantive component of the teaching material;
Further refinement and integration of a career file, in which the student notes how the assignment helped to discover his interests, qualities and future career;
Flexibility for the administrator (of Dubbelklik) when linking teaching materials to various modules;
Insight for the administrator (of Dubbelklik) when compiling the invoice. Number of modules purchased, students, et cetera

Have these objectives been achieved?
All objectives have been achieved.

Check: http://www.dubbelklik-onderbouw.info/bovenbouw/ en http://www.dubbelklik-onderbouw.info/ for more info about what Dubbelklik has to offer.
A few of the challenges in this projects were creating custom scoring methods for the Quiz module giving teachers extra freedom to grade assignments based on the students’ effort instead of performance if needed, submitting students work using QR codes and the plethora of custom overviews.
Also the linking of modules to classes combined with the possibility of optional modules per class or per student made this a challenging project to work on.
Community contributions
For this project we submitted various patches for Quiz and Quiz Companion modules.
How did the project contribute back to the Drupal community, eg. modules, patches, translations, documentation, sprints etc.?