Drupal 8 website voor het Minkema College

The case
Minkema College
Building a beautiful website to support the culture and growth of the Minkema high school. With this Drupal 8 based website delivery. We created an drupal 8 configuration and give the webmasters enough freedom to be creative but also solid and strict enough to keep the site professional. After 9 months in business the usage is increasing and engagement on different social platforms is doubled.
Project description
Minkema high school needed a website to communicatie in an easy, fun and engaging way with school students, potential students and their parents for the next 10 years. Before the actual development of the website, Groowup hosted several UX and strategy sessions and guided the client through the whole process with of functional design, visual design, interaction design and content.

- Objectives that were achieved
- Open source CMS
- Low effort webmaster strategy
- Delivering a modular website that enhances self sustainability of client and still functions well and looks good for years to come.
- Creating an digital identity and website for two school locations
- Going from 3.000 to 300 pages
- Building a lasting modular system that supports evolution and actuality
- Keeping everyone on the same page until delivery and beyond.
- First big Drupal 8 website for Groowup
- Fast and easy agenda use

- Working with the simplicity of Drupal allows employees to do more. The website is updated easily and more regularly, Thus the website plays a bigger and more important role within the school community.

- Webmasters feel they can be creative in building new pages in the Drupal CMS.
- Client says Drupal works intuitively and is more effective in maintenance
- Clients saves big amount of costs due to easy to use approach and self sustainability with Drupal CMS and modular approach.
- Growing engagement on website and social media channels.
- 200% increase on social media engagement, partially due to smart social widget on homepage.
- Employees feel proud of working at Minkema due to the new identity, systems and website.
- Build according to newest standards which increases safety, speed and stability.

"Groowup has exceeded our expectations! By thinking along, having knowledge of the perception of the target group and switching quickly, our site is even
went live before the set deadline! " Marieke Langeslag – Minkema
- Giving the webmasters enough freedom and creativity to add new pages and newsitems, without interfering with the solid design.
- Easy synchronisation of main school agenda. It costed them a lot of time before, due to the different systems there were using. Groowup made it easy and effective.
- Embedding posts of several social media channels in a playful and fun way on the homepage. With a script that preclude doubling.
Community contributions
We are promoting the use of Drupal in our network and with other clients, especially for educational and non-profit institutions. And we’ve added some code and helped Drupal become part of our way of work and standards.

.Contact storage options email recipient


.Reloading the Solr code for optimization of searchability