CHE trusts in the power of Drupal

The case
CHE (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede)
CHE (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede) is a university of applied sciences with a distinct identity and mission. The core values, the various educational offerings and the social involvement were not properly represented in the outdated branding of the previous branding.

Therefore, Synetic set to work on the construction of a new website, aimed at the desired growth and future.
Project description
CHE wanted a clear website that makes clear what the university stands for; socially involved education with a personal approach.

With a broad range of educational opportunities and additional services with research opportunities for professionals, CHE wants to appeal to a broad target audience and grow considerably. In order to achieve this, we've drastically changed the site's structure, creating a well-organized website with extensive information for every interested party.

In order to increase the conversion of applying students on the website, we've designed a couple of flexible templates. For example, all available educations have consistent information that is displayed in exactly the same layout. These are just summaries, facts and numbers, though. In the same template, we created a set of building blocks that allows CHE to tell a story, by giving a more detailed background or letting students express their experiences. In addition, new students can register directly via an integrated form.
One of the biggest challenges was implementing proper Web Accessibility. An issue that we faced was the fact that only one of the brand colours met the requirements that were set in terms of readability and contrast. We came up with a solution in the form of a 'contrast switch', which reduces the number of colours back to one and enhances several elements, such as hyperlinks getting a clear indication of interactivity.

On a more technical level, we needed to make a connection with Navision. However, the standard API of Microsoft was inadequate, forcing us to find a different solution. In collaboration with a third party, we've managed to create solid solution.

This raised the challenge to make a visual display for every type of media to be used in the search engine and detail pages of the media files. This has been realized via and ImageMagick, for which a we delivered a module.
Community contributions
- Different confirmation messages for webform -
- Can't update default panelizer configuration for content types -
- User error: "0" is an invalid render array key -
- Multiple hooks no longer work with domain_config in some cases -