Baker Hughes:

The case
BHGE resulted from the merger between Baker Hughes and GE Oil&Gas. It’s the first & only company to bring together industry-leading equipment, services and digital solutions across the entire spectrum of oil & gas development. It helps customers acquire, transport and refine hydrocarbons more efficiently, productively and safely, with a smaller environmental footprint and at lower cost per barrel.
Project description
During the merger process MediaMonks was brought on by GE to develop a completely new ecosystem for the new company. Most of the digital tools the two companies were using were different from each other. It was quickly decided that it would be most efficient to build a new ecosystem from scratch rather then trying to merge incompatible systems. With merely 90 days to go until the official announcement, a roadmap was put into place to make sure the most essential parts of the ecosystem would be prioritized and ready by July 1, 2017. The main component was the Drupal 8 based platform that would house both the corporate website as well as the new companies intranet solution.
The fixed deadline and long list of must haves for initial go live was most challenging. With an initial three-day workshop we managed to define the scope, surface priorities, divide the workload and manage expectations. With the combined efforts of Baker Hughes, GE Oil & Gas and MediaMonks teams we managed to make the deadline and deliver a great platform that not only functionally checked the boxes but also redefined the way a corporate website should look and function. The new BHGE brand identity was interwoven through the entire platform from day 1, exactly as we set out to achieve when we started out.
Community contributions
We created a module "Protect Before Launch" ( to enable password protection when needed. The module is also able to detect via system variables to figure out what the production or development systems are to enable password protection. The Module is also compatible with Acquia Hosting