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AIB- Association of Issuing Bodies
AIB is an European NGO. AIB provides the infrastructure and information to support electricity source disclosure in all EU Member States. The website provides the information-part. Members can collaborate on documents, interact in workgroups, subscribe to newsletters and notifications.

150 member-users in 31 countries, 7000 documents and 1000 concurrent visitors.
Project description
The website of Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) is used as a tool/community where users - employees of members - work together to create and promote a standardised system for Energy Certificates in Europe. Known as EECS - the European Energy Certificate System.

EECS is based on structures and procedures which ensure the reliable operation of international certificate schemes. These schemes satisfy the criteria of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency and costs effectiveness, in order to facilitate the international exchange of guarantees of origin.
With these schemes participating countries can trade with their surplus or shortage of CO2 emission-rights in order to meet environmental targets as agreed in the Paris climate agreement. All this for a better environment.

The old website (which is now replaced with the current one) was build in Java with a Liferay-database and was organically grown into a pile of spaghetti. There were much workarounds and nobody seem to know anymore how it exactly worked.

Therefore a new website was needed which should have all of the old functionality and of course a set of additional features. Next to that the following conditions were stated:

1. the customer wants a cheaper licensing model for the software as the current Liferay license costed around 40.000 dollar a year. Drupal was here the obvious solution.
2. a more easy search engine. Search API ( ) was here the answer.
3. no vendor lock in. By choosing Drupal AIB has the opportunity to switch to a wide variety of other Drupal suppliers if needed.

The website can be seen as two separate sections. The first - public - part which is mostly used for promoting goals. The second - secured/member - section is a part of the website where users work together to create and change procedures, structures and policies.

The public part contains the following items:
1. content in general
2. press releases
3. upcoming events
4. newsletter subscription
5. faq
6. search

The member part supports:
1. login user, user profile maintenance
2. a dashboard with overview of all outstanding actions, events participating, groups belonging to
3. adding, reviewing, approving, tagging documents including version control
4. adding events
5. organise users in groups
6. adding actions to users including monitoring
7. searching and filtering documents

Customer review: “we have received a perfect tool which supports all our processes in a very user friendly way together with a much improved performance. Kees™ Internetbureau did a marvellous job”.

1. We have submitted this project in the category of “tools / apps” as we think it is a workflow management system or collaboration-tool. But it can be categorised in “non-profit”, “overheid” or “community / social” as well. Please contact us if we submitted in the wrong category.

2. Videos are available but will show private content and are therefore only available to designated viewers. Please contact us if the Splashaward committee wants to view them in order to get a better understanding of the project.
The migration of the old data was perhaps the most challenging part of the project. The 7000 documents and accompanying tags and data and users/groups were first obtained via JSON-feeds from the old database (Liferay).
The data was polluted by false labeling in the old website. Next to that, the data had to be re-structured because of the new functionality in the new website.

In order to facilitate this migration we have build a temporary tool. In this tool end-users can collect bulk sets of their own data and re-label/re-tag it into the new structure.
Community contributions
As we still have not found a cookie-bar which exactly fulfils our needs we have developed one ourselves. It is available via Currently 874 downloads (and counting), It splits the cooky into functional, analytical and social media cookies.
Currently we are preparing this module to be published on