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The Case
Short introduction
Boon Edam was an 'early adopter' of the internet in the construction sector: already in 1996 they had a multilingual website. Since then, technical developments and the needs of (potential) customers have continuously been addressed.
Launch date
Boon Edam has 140 years of experience and unrivaled expertise in managing passenger flows in offices, airports, health centers, hotels, and all other conceivable buildings. There are production facilities in China, the Netherlands, and the United States. With 20 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Boon Edam is a real multinational. In the construction industry, the internet plays a major role in the orientation phase of the customer journey. The target groups of Boon Edam visit the manufacturers' websites, especially for product orientation and market information. They also use the websites to gain inspiration and to follow trends.
To create a website that fully caters to the customer journeys of the target groups. Very important is the creation of a set of goal-oriented pages to fit these customer journeys. The visitor should get the most relevant information at any time and on any device. And, as the main marketing communications channel, the website should increase conversion and seduce users with appealing cases.
Extensive monitoring and testing of the user experience of the old website, and data analysis of web analytics of the past few years, provided the basis for the design of the new responsive website. The project was an intensive collaboration between the online team of Boon Edam, online marketing agency FirstFocus, and Triquanta. The usage of the website is continually monitored with services like Optimizely.
Immediately after launching the new website Boon Edam has seen strong improvements over the previous website, such as:
- More page visits per user on average (6% increase over the same period last year);
- Visitors stay on the website for a longer period (3.5% increase over the same period last year);
- Mobile and tablet conversions have increased (150% increase over the same period last year);
- Conversions have increased, especially the hard conversions where one has to fill in their contact information, for example when requesting drawings and quotes (106% increase over the same period last year);
- The Bounce Rate has fallen (decrease of 10.7% compared with the same period last year);
- User interaction and ease of use have increased significantly. Visitors view more photos, browse the site more easily, navigate faster to the right information and find important information with ease.
Technical challenges
Boon Edam is an international company and an important part of their marketing is the international website. This not only means a website that is available in different languages, but also different content per language for countries and regions where the same language is spoken. For example, there is a separate website for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. These websites have specific content relevant to their region. In addition, there are regions where several languages are spoken, like Belgium. This website therefore has the content available in Dutch and French. In addition to the corporate website in English there are 21 websites with a total of 10 different languages. This, in combination with decentralized web editing, makes user-friendly website management a challenge. All the content is served from a central database, which results in challenges for access management.

The website has extensive search and filter capabilities. Of course, this functionality must take into account the user's permissions, language, and country. The search and filter functionality is built on top of Apache Solr with Search API. To help visitors find what they are looking for, we have realized a search engine with instant search results. When a visitor starts typing, most relevant search results are instantly displayed. The results are being displayed in a responsive overlay with pager, so visitors can page through the results without leaving the page they are on. Boon Edam has the possibility to boost specific pages in the search result to give them more focus. For this we developed a custom module that we released in a sandbox on

For the US contact page we developed a custom overlay for Google Maps that editors can change themselves:
Challenges in (combination of) modules
For the instant search functionality we used Search API in combination with some custom javascript to enable in place searching on every page.
All overviews of products and services are generated with Search API for better performance and filter options.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
There are 2 sandboxes at that extend Solr's functionality.

We have developed a module for connecting to the SEO service of WebTextTool ( and we use this site as test environment for this module.
Name client
Royal Boon Edam
What does the client think about the project?
Wing Cheung, online marketing executive: “The impact of the new website is overwhelming. Thanks to the new responsive website we optimally meet the needs of our online visitors, and we offer them a consistent brand experience on all possible devices. This has led to significantly more and better results. We are very grateful to our partner Triquanta.”
(original quote in Dutch: “De impact van de nieuwe website is verpletterend. Dankzij de vernieuwde responsive website spelen we optimaal in op de beleving van onze online bezoekers en bieden wij hen een consistente merkbeleving op alle mogelijke devices. Dit heeft geleid tot significant meer en betere resultaten. Hier zijn we onze partner Triquanta erg dankbaar voor.”)