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Boon Edam is an international company and an important part of their marketing is the international website. This not only means a website that is available in different languages, but also different content per language for countries and regions where the same language is spoken. For example, there is a separate website for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. These websites have specific content relevant to their region. In addition, there are regions where several languages are spoken, like Belgium. This website therefore has the content available in Dutch and French. In addition to the corporate website in English there are 21 websites with a total of 10 different languages. This, in combination with decentralized web editing, makes user-friendly website management a challenge. All the content is served from a central database, which results in challenges for access management.

The website has extensive search and filter capabilities. Of course, this functionality must take into account the user's permissions, language, and country. The search and filter functionality is built on top of Apache Solr with Search API. To help visitors find what they are looking for, we have realized a search engine with instant search results. When a visitor starts typing, most relevant search results are instantly displayed. The results are being displayed in a responsive overlay with pager, so visitors can page through the results without leaving the page they are on. Boon Edam has the possibility to boost specific pages in the search result to give them more focus. For this we developed a custom module that we released in a sandbox on

For the US contact page we developed a custom overlay for Google Maps that editors can change themselves:
Community contributions
There are 2 sandboxes at that extend Solr's functionality.

We have developed a module for connecting to the SEO service of WebTextTool ( and we use this site as test environment for this module.
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Royal Boon Edam
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Triquanta Web Solutions
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