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The Case
Short introduction
SETUP is a non-profit that aims to help a wider audience understand and develop nuanced ideas around current data issues. They explain that you do have something to hide through highly visible art projects, accessible workshops and presentations, collaborations and much much more.
Launch date
We built it ourselves, which is a funny story in itself: after years of debate whether Drupal was the right choice, our chief designer dove into Drupal and ended up loving it. He is now one of those rare hybrids who builds and designs great Drupal websites as a one-man show.

His website:
Another example:

The goal with was to redesign it as an online magazine. Technically the website now supports TheVerge-like paragraphs for long-form content. And the website allows for the effortless creation of 'microsites' whish are basically sub-sections of the main website. The advantage is that content can now easily be re-used and linked to, while at the same time fulfilling the need for each project to have a semi-separate online presence.

- Look good.
- Become a magazine instead of just a news/events website.
- Be easy to use on the back-end too.
The results are stellar. It's a great testament to the power of Drupal to allow one man to create so much power, to create something so big and diverse.
Technical challenges
As I am not the main person to build it, you'll have to ask him. One challenge was how to best implement the microsite functionality. And as Drupal 8 was just released we looked into it, but decided it wasn't ready for that yet. But it could be now, as we're already thinking about moving it to Drupal 8 now. We really want the big-pipe functionality.
Challenges in (combination of) modules
I know we really missed Context in Drupal 8, it was the main show-stopper there. For other details you'll have to as FJ.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
The goal of the project was also to create a website that we could easily share with the rest of the cultural organisations in the Netherlands. They all still keep creating websites from scratch which wastes valuable cultural funds. The idea was to find a Drupal company that would help us implement/copy our site to other organisations when they ask for a copy.
Name client
What does the client think about the project?
We love it.