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IN10 & Burst
The Case
Short introduction
The Rotterdam Pass has grown over the years from a discount card for the minority into a ‘provider of enjoyment’ for all inhabitants of Rotterdam, with more than 750 special offers every year that pass holders can make use of. IN10 and Burst helped the Rotterdam Pass to expand its new role even more with developing a new digital leisure-time website.
Launch date
The role of the Rotterdam Pass is to increase participation in the city. In short, the more people that take part, the better! Because of this the social aspect is very important for the Rotterdam Pass. That’s why social media integrations in the website (Facebook, Instagram) and user written blog posts play a big role in the platform. Partly because social media is widely used by the target audience, but mainly because these functions invite sharing and reacting, thereby fitting in perfectly with the social role of the Rotterdam Pass.

Principal goals of the platform are increasing pass sales (the website serves as the first step in the sales funnel) and provide inspiration for things to do. Pass holders are inspired with tips, last minute deals, special lists and monthly and yearly deals. Also searching and filtering can be done in an intuitive way.

The platform had to be able to organise and present large quantities of content for a large number of visitors. Further, given the use of the Rotterdam Pass, transactions will take place increasingly on a digital level. So it goes without saying that the platform had to be fully adaptive and ready for future development.

Key platform features:
- A fun and bold design, tailored to the target audience. Content is fully manageable in Drupal.
- Offers ( are dynamically loaded from an external API.
- Easy searching and filtering offers:
- A dynamic blog ( loaded through the Tumblr API.
- Social media integrations.
- A complex tool to help visitors calculate potential savings with the pass, based on age, city of residence and marital status:
- A tool to find out if you are eligible for a discount and then buy the pass online:
- A tool to find the closest offline location to buy a Rotterdam Pass:
The new platform had two main aims:

1) to serve as the first step in the sales funnel, where the Rotterdam Pass can be bought at an external application and
2) to provide more inspiration to go out and enjoy everything that Rotterdam has to offer.
After the platform launched in 2016 it helped raise the number of pass holders to a record of 186.000 (165.000 in 2015).

In 2017, so far, pass sales are even better then in the same period in 2016 (+15.000), proving the platform is contributing to the growth of the Rotterdam Pass!
Technical challenges
All offers for pass holders are loaded through an external API. All data is loaded on the fly so visitors always get an up-to-date overview.

Further, the Rotterdam Pass is available at a reduced price for certain people. One tool on the website can show visitors if they are eligible for a discount, based on your age, marital status and income.

Finally, a second tool was developed to allow visitors to calculate how much money they will save when they would purchase a pass. The savings are calculated with an algorithm that takes the city of residence, age, income, marital status ánd the type of activities the visitor is interested in.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
A great looking website to show potential Drupal customers what Drupal is capable of.
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