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* Dynamically scaling the application
Some Trials instantly add 500.000 engagements per month. This has to be scaled. To do this we run on the Google Cloud with dynamic scaling based on docker and kubernets see https://hub.docker.com/r/trinoco/gcloud-drupal/

* Visitor identification
Reverse IP lookup, Cookie Tracking, Various public databases with IP / Device information, Hostname identification. Up to 7 algoritmes are used at the moment.

* Be able to provide Marketing insights using marketing automation.
The data is stored in a denormalized way with basic machine learning models in Tensorflow.

* Making the application White Label
The complete application can be easily distributed as white label, or agency account. The Application itself is SaaS but it's also easy to roll out new applications as white label by starting out witht he install profile.

* Saving 750.000 engagements a month as entity in Drupal has some complications scaling.
Default Drupal 8 comes with a ContentEntity and ConfigEntity. We had to create a custom QeadoEntity base Entity type to be able to handle all the load. In the future we also plan to work on a custom FieldStorage so we can save in Google's HBase data store.

* Privacy
The application has to be able to run compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation. This has challenges for storing data, decay of data and encryption. The Google Cloud provides functionality for this. We also needed the company ICT Recht to check our business.

* oAuth/ oAuth2 integrations
The application integrates to Mailchimp, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Salesforce and a number of integrations are being build. We needed a dynamic solution for integrating and use "league/oauth1-client", "league/oauth2-client" and Guzzle to able to connect to all kind of services.

* SaaS
Recurrining revenue with Drupal 8 Commerce was not available. We use Adyen as our payment solution.
Community contributions
Docker image for the Google Cloud:

Some patches:
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