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The Case
Short introduction
The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (from now on: RPhO) has a very loyal base of visitors, especially classic art lovers of 55+. Aging of their public led to the need to widen and rejuvenate the audience. In order to succeed the orchestra went through a rebranding phase, with a new website as one of its the cornerstones.
Launch date
The starting point, a brand research, concluded that there is one word in which the target group associates the RPhO: touching.

The emotional touch is inextricably linked to the product and distinctiveness. The RPhO goes further than others. It takes the risk in both the pieces being played (such as a mix between musical and opera music, or a movie show of The Matrix with live movie music) as in the initiatives taken (such as Core Classics, where a symphonic top piece is combined with a talkshow and a drink). This called for an experimental visual style and website that should 'touch' the potential new target audience.
In concrete terms, the assignment was to develop a communication style and website that reinforces the positioning and identity of the brand, reducing the distance between orchestra and audience and allowing diversity. These had to be adaptive and easy to use. Whether it's a family show or a heavy classical piece.

- Brand reinforcement (recognizable and appropriate associations)
- Increase in ticket sales
- Expanding the target audience (getting new and younger audiences to the concert hall)
- Build a community (via social media channels and e-mail)
The communication concept focuses on a kaleidoscope. The style has been developed on one hand to address the new target group. And on the other hand, it depicts the power of the orchestra, which cannot be caught in one hole and can play a very wide palette of repertoire at high level.

By mapping the customer journeys of the main target groups, we were able to respond well to their information needs. For example, through all the concerts, easy-to-understand features (eg "romantic | accessible"). The website is not only aimed at ticket sales, but wants to hit and tie the target audience.

This is achieved using quality content, including own video productions, which brings the orchestra members out of anonymity and brings the brand to life. This content all comes together on the website, which plays an essential role in ticket sales, brand awareness and lead generation.

In a pressurized market, it has been possible to realize an absolute increase in ticket sales, with a strong growth in new and younger customers:
- Absolute ticket sales: + 2.4% (97.773 - 100.166)
- New customers: 38% (27% a year earlier)
- Number of unique ticket buyers: + 19% (15,756 - 18,697)
- Growth in customers 16-55 years: 25% (21,085 - 26,265)
- Online ticket sales via the website: + 85% (10.992 - 20.503)
Technical challenges
In order to be able to fulfill the customers wish concerning discounts and ticket rankings, a lot of custom code needed to be written.
The discount is added as a separate commerce line item to make custom calculations possible. This made it possible to add an upsell concert as a block in the shopping cart view; this concert has another percentage discount than the rest of the line items when 4+ other concert are added to the order. As other concerts are added to the cart via an AJAX-call, every time a line_item_refresh occurs the discount is recalculated.
Challenges in (combination of) modules
It was attempted to use as many contrib modules as possible. Some contrib modules fell short and were replaced by custom code. Ticket rankings were added as custom field on the line items. Commerce_discount fell short on very specific use cases and was replaced by custom code.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
Discussions on on various contrib modules about bugfixing them. Patches were used on some contrib modules, their function was discussed on the issue list on
Name client
Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest (Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra)
What does the client think about the project?
We are very proud of the result of this ambitious project. Our new website is a big improvement for both our customers, as our colleagues. We are much more flexible and the results speak for themselves. Our recent nomination for the Cultuur Marketing Awards 2017 is a very welcome confirmation of this success. (Pim Halkes, Manager Marketing and Sales)