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One of the key challenges for this website is the versatility of the content and the freedom the content editors needed to have to create pages.
With the help of Paragraphs we created a set of content modules which can be used to create every page that was needed for this project. All with one Content Type. So, no specific content types for landing pages, index pages, content pages etc. Just one type to rule them all. The combination of content modules defines what kind of page is created and the only limitation is the creativity of the content editor. This keeps the CMS very clean but the amount of options nearly infinit.
Another very important technical objective was the performance of the website. We created a very visual website with a high level of engagement, lots of images and video. This works very well to show the atmosphere of the park but we had to make sure this doesn’t affect the performance and with that the conversion of online tickets.
We put a lot of effort in the optimization of images, css and js using Google PageSpeed Insights. We also used the Responsive Images module (in combination with Focal Point for optimal cropping) to make sure every device gets the optimal image size and no unneeded bulk. This effort resulted in a 91/100 score for desktop and a 78/100 score on mobile. According to us a very nice result for this visually attractive website!
What the high level of design also demands is absolute control over the HTML and SASS/CSS. We didn’t want to be restricted by the standard Drupal HTML structure so we can structure our SASS according to the BEM method. We created a module called ‘Entity2Array’ which we can use to get any content from the CMS without any unnecessary html so we can create the exact solution this design demands. This keeps the html and css very clean and maintainable and is optimal for performance.
Community contributions
To highlight active menu items and parent items in our navigation we used the ‘Menu Trail By Path’ module in our Drupal 7 projects. For Drupal 8 this module wasn’t updated yet. Since we depend heavily on this module we decided to create a Drupal 8 version of this module and released it to the Drupal community. This module is also implemented in the Drupal setup for this project. We know a lot of community members use this module as well so we’re happy to make this contribution to the Drupal community.
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Pieter de Hullu - Online Marketing en Sales - Madurodam
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Wouter Langen
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070 750 74 74
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