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The previous website was 17 years old. The website has been expanded several times in these 17 years, which resulted in a complex data structure. In the 17 years the website grew enormously in both content and SEO ranking. In order to maintain the SEO value, we have done research on how to ensure this SEO value.

Part of the solution was a data-import from the old websites to the new platform. Since Netvlies has a lot of experience in building technical connections in Symfony, we have built a hybrid solution, which uses Symfony to load data from various sources (eg via Wordpress API), then cleaned and translated to the new structure. After this, the data will be loaded one-by-one via the Drupal API into the new website. This ensures a good separation of responsibilities, whereby the Drupal developer can fully focus on website development and the Symfony developer on importing data. In total 20.000 webpages were imported from both the previous website and the weblog.

The large amount of data had to be well searchable. This is solved by keeping the main navigation compact, with two well-functioning filters on the ‘news’ and ‘suppliers’ pages. Besides that a fine search feature that distinguishes between the type of content and shows first the most relevant content of companies followed by relevant news items.

Users can log into the website and request an account to add one or more companies and/or upload vacancies. With each creation or custom action that a logged-in user does, the site administrator will receive an email to approve the presentation or vacancy.

The homepage is a combination of content types that loads in different sizes and positions. For example, you have 3 highlighted (mostly paid) news releases that rotate apart from the rest of the content on the page. The highlighted content will eventually (after 3 new highlighted items) be placed between the regular news items. Additionally, banners are being managed in Drupal, being able to place these on specific content types and categories.
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