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The amount of data from different sources in different formats. The data sources encompass connections, schedules, terminals, operators, companies, empty depots and more. Build a dedicated datapool to dedupe, sanitize, structure the data in order to consume it in Navigate by using a large and complex (continuous) migrate based implementation. The data is consumed from a dedicated Hadoop cluster datapool built for Navigate as its first and primary client.

Single page Drupal 7 application that has the look and feel, ease of use and performance comparable to Google Maps. Build a custom javascript framework that integrates seamlessly with the existing templating layer of Drupal. JS was written using the ECMA6 standard and uses some polyfills to make sure it still works in older browsers.

Deliver real world, global connections and schedules from multiple operators and modalities that cater to the current demands of the market. Build a dedicated route planner within Drupal. Integrate business rules, filters and logic and options to be able to get optimal results for end-users.

To deliver fast results when searching our backend content is stored within Solr 5 after indexing that can be delivered directly. This gives a massive boost to overall performance. Furthermore search results are stored in a Varnish layer to improve loading time.
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Unfortunately no community contributions come directly from this project. We have put together a handful patches on contrib modules. These patches are however very much intended for our specific needs.
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The Port of Rotterdam
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Bob Stolk
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