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An important challenge was the amount of data coming from different sources which of course had implications for storage and performance. This was solved by using the proper infrastructural tooling, like Varnish, together with the right configuration so Drupal can flourish. Second important challenge worth mentioning is sophisticated and diversified visual design. Lots of different layouts, templates and widgets and ultimate freedom for the editor to compose a custom layout while maintaining the structural integrity. Mainly solved with the smart combination of template files, Display Suite and the Paragraphs module.
A third important challenge would be the import mechanism on employee profiles. A special application was built that heavily uses the University’s enterprise service bus. This application was built with Drupal and offers a RESTful interface to provide clients, like the corporate site, with the employee profiles.
Community contributions
FortyTwo - Several enhancements
Epsacrop - Patch to add support for Media Module.
Path Breadcrumbs - Adds support for
CER - Exception thrown when deleting an entity with a field collection
Responsive Table Filter - Regex Fix
CKEditor - Fixes some performance issues with CSS Filter
Semantic Views - Removes a colon
Social feed field - This module makes it possible for editors to create a list of social media posts in a entity that are combined and ordered by created date from several different social media channels.
Search API Fast - Provides drush commands to index fast with search API (using all your CPU cores). It's an effective multi-process approach by spawning new drush commands that handle queues.
Token Insert - Multiple patches to make the module behave and work better. and
File Entity (fieldable files) - Patch to fix an issue with wrong filenames when downloading files.
Replicate paragraphs - Fixed an issue with empty object not being cloned. Now skip that ones.
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Maastricht University
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