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Trinoco BV
The Case
Short introduction
Lambo is a publisher for art courses at high schools. The material is created by authors with tons of expertise in art subjects and the content is mostly digital. Lambo provides a platform to let teachers buy licenses and expose the material to the students. This digital distribution platform for e-learning has been created in Drupal 8.
Launch date
Lambo already had a platform running in Drupal 6 but they were making the switch to digital products and the current website was not adequately equipped to handle the new business model. So Lambo decided to find a new partner to innovate and to create a digital distribution platform for their digital e-learning material.

In the old set up their Lambo had a website, a back office and accounting software but the different components were not (well) integrated. Also maintaining the titles, content and users (teachers/students) was cumbersome.
- Create a professional website/shop to expose products
- Create a new integrated platform for teachers and students to use digital e-learning material
- Create a platform for external users to buy licenses for art subjects
- Create a dashboard for teachers and students to manage their licenses and access digital material
- Integrate website / web shop / platform
- Create a flow to promote recurring payments
- Provide logic to prevent sharing material to non-paying users
- Integrate the (recurring) sales in to accounting software Exact Online
- Integrate Single Sign on with Kennisnet's Entree
Trinoco created an e-learning platform using Drupal 8 to unite the website / webshop and e-learning platform. During the project we focused on the customer journey for teachers and students to make sure the platform is easy to use and teachers are invited to continue using the digital licenses each school year.

Besides accessing digital e-learning material more analog and digital products are exposed in the web shop and the new web shop meets modern standards.

Exact Online has been integrated in the sales flow of the website and thus minimizing the amount of administrative work.

We created logic to prevent sharing material to non paying users. We accomplished this by putting the online material (plain html pages) outside the web root. If a users logs in and tries to access some material a scripts checks the users permission. If granted a symbolic link exposes the material. The symbolic link is removed at certain events like a certain expiry time, closing the website, second ip access, etc.
Technical challenges
It was important to insert the sales from Drupal commerce into Exact Accounting software. There where some specific rules for school, third parties and recurring transactions.

It was also challenging to keep the digital material which are simple html pages safe and secure.

A single sign connection with Entree from Kennisnet was a requirement to allow teachers and students to user their school account to access the website.
Challenges in (combination of) modules
Commerce modules to create a state of the art webshop

SimpleSaml to connect to Entree
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
No patches or additional modules at this point
Name client
What does the client think about the project?
Lambo is very pleased with the current solution and is happy with the amount of flexibility and services after releasing the project.