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Besides the complex structure of the website that we had to take into account, we have also realized a connection with the backoffice. For this we used the jsonapi module from Drupal.org. The jsonapi module is used so that the backoffice can make an REST API call to get the list with the local initiatives and keep it up to date. We chose this solution because the climate bureau has more websites that need to be updated continuously.
Community contributions
https://www.drupal.org/node/2858798 : We created a patch for this module to make Webforms compatible with Drupal 8.2.
https://www.drupal.org/project/bem : This module was created by us to:
• Prevent the need of overriding templates as much as possible.
• Provide BEM classes that are (hard)coded or refer to configuration (machine names), but never refer to content.
• Combine Drupal specific concepts into sensible BEM components (like the fields of a node when rendered in a specific view mode. For example .node-article-teaser and .node-article-teaser__image.
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HIER Opgewekt
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Menno de Kort
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