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The Case
Short introduction
The Greenery is an international sales organisation which specialises in fresh fruit and vegetables. As part of the Coforta growers’ cooperative, they supply a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables to supermarkets, wholesalers, caterers and the food-processing industry all year round. In order to supply clients throughout the year, The Greenery collaborates intensively with their growers and partners both at home and abroad. Their expertise consists of efficiently managing and controlling a broad product range, which not only meets society's requirements, but anticipates them as well.
Launch date
The Greenery wanted to align the different corporate websites of The Greenery and its subsidiaries. This had to ensure consistency regarding message and appearance. The desire was to realize a multi-site solution for the nine different companies within the group.

For The Greenery, it is important to explain the complete fruit and vegetables value chain. This chain goes from growing fruit and vegetables to consuming these products. The Greenery is involved and invests in every link of the chain (breeder, product, logistics, marketing, retail, consumer), in which they are unique. Through this commitment, The Greenery adds value in every step, which ultimately results in insight, grip and a high-quality annual range of fruit and vegetable products that consumers demand. Also, this method can quickly anticipate trends and changes in the market, which is very valuable to affiliated growers.
Growers should be convinced of The Greenery's added value regarding product development, reliable (international) distribution channels, marketing, knowledge sharing and chain collaboration.

Supermarkets, wholesalers, caterers and the food-processing industry should be convinced of the added value of The Greenery in the field of targeted assortment development, the full range of product range throughout the year, deliverability and efficiency.

Convincing growers, supermarkets, wholesalers, caterers and the food-processing industry should result in leads.
Because of the relative recent launch date it’s hard to express the benefits of the new website in numbers. There has been an increase in the number of visits, time on site, number of pages, etc. But it’s hard to say how many new business relations have been generated by launching the new website.

The Greenery states that the launch of the new website resulted in a significant, positive strategic repositioning. The daily business of The Greenery and how The Greenery adds value for their partners really comes across. Side-effect is that the website helps attracting new, skilled employees. In other words; The Greenery has become much more understandable and attractive for multiple target audiences.
Technical challenges
The IN10 design team came up with a content and animation rich designs for communicating how The Greenery adds value to the entire supply chain. Translating these designs into a performant frontend with great UX in combination with Drupal theming was one of the major technical challenges we faced.

The second challenge we faced was ensuring the Drupal backend was user-friendly is such a way the client can use the CMS independently, while correct frontend rendering is secured.

The third challenge was developing a shared code base for the multi-site platform, while providing enough flexibility in frontend for desired differentiation between subsidiaries.
Challenges in (combination of) modules
The website contains a number of pages with dedicated layouts which share design elements. We’ve implemented the Paragraphs module in order to make sure the content for each page could be managed and pages could be built in a modular way. Applying this module meant that the Drupal backend interface needed extra work as well.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
None, sorry! We’ll try next time.
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