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*About the Espria Intranet App
To be able to also offer the intranet as an app for mobile phones and tablets, we developed a Native Mobile Application with the help of the Cordova platform. With this platform, you can use web technology (HTML/JavaScript) to develop an app that can be exported to most available platforms. In our case, it enabled us to rollout an app for Windows Mobile, iOS and Android using a single codebase. This is a lot more efficient than having to build an app for each platform separately. Moreover, our web team didn't have to learn a Native programming language to develop a Native app. Because of this, the team could build both the web version and the app, and no additional app developers were required.

* Social timeline
How do you manage large quantities of messages in the system, and not let this affect the intranet’s performance? By archiving in an intelligent way and only retrieving the information that is relevant to the user. Combined with Memcache, this ensures that the user is not hindered in any way in using the intranet and doesn't miss any (essential) information.

* Notification system
How do you manage large quantities of notifications in the system, and not let this affect the intranet’s performance? Notifications are periodically deleted after the user has read them, as they are then no longer relevant. Notifications are also only shown at the user's request. A trigger is shown to indicate that there are one or more notifications, but the users themselves must act to read these notifications.

* (Restricted) user groups
How do you handle information that should not be available to everyone? In general, all content within the intranet is public, but sometimes it is necessary to publish information for a restricted group of users. This information is shared within a private group, which you can only access if the group’s administrator has granted you permission.
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