Dynamic Lock Schedule for the Port of Amsterdam

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We made a connection with PoA's back office system called Hamis. The connection is secured by IP restriction, password, and key-based authentication. Via this encrypted connection, new data is imported every minute in Drupal, so the data in the web application is always up to date. Every 5 minutes, the web application is refreshed automatically. In that way users can leave the web application running - which they indeed seem to do, based on statistics - so they always see the most recent information without having to refresh the page.

For new users, a special on-boarding has been made when requesting a DLS account. This on-boarding was built on top of the Drupal user registration.

To make the application as user-friendly as possible, an advanced front end has been implemented that dynamically builds a visual timeline based on the available data. In this way, the timeline is displayed as compactly as possible while there is as much information on the screen as possible. For this to work we had to develop a sophisticated calculation algorithm for the dimensions of the timeline. Extra challenge was to get the timeline working on all devices.
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Port of Amsterdam (Havenbedrijf Amsterdam)
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Triquanta Web Solutions
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Peter Grond
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