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The Case
Design / UX
Short introduction
DeKeukenrestyler (“TheKitchenrestyler”) is an online lead generation platform filling customer demand to renovate instead of completely replace a kitchen. Together with Picario we have developed a kitchen restyling configurator, which, based on a number of choices and a well-considered step-by-step plan, can generate an online price quote.

The 3D configurator has a number of useful features:
- The customer can instantly see the effect of every change in the design
- Every component change is managed through a few simple steps
- The customer can instantly get an estimated price quote for the kitchen renovation.

All price quotes are followed up with a telephone call for a measuring appointment. After measuring, a final quote is written up and offered to the customer.

Traffic to the lead generation platform is generated by a number of marketing activities. Attention is paid monthly to SEO, SEA, e-mail marketing, and social media. All these activities are carried out by FRMWK in-house.
Launch date
Our principal is the owner of a factory that produces custom-sized kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors, and as such noticed a market demand for the restyling and renovation of kitchens. Many organizations in the field are unable or unwilling to meet this demand because they follow the traditional model of primarily selling entirely new kitchens.

A business case was made and after some calculation it was concluded that the project was viable, given the proper use of services and media. The services employed besides development include online marketing activities like SEO, SEA, e-mail and social media marketing, as well as CRO (conversion rate optimizing) and web analysis.
The goal of the project was to run break-even between May 2016 to December 2016. This goal has been reached. From 2017 onwards, the goal is to restyle 40 kitchens per month. The number of leads required to reach this goal is 100 per month. In 2017 we have increased the number of online marketing channels; we are now running Facebook retargeting campaigns, actively writing extra short- and longtail content, and doing link building.
DeKeukenrestyler’s goals have been reached in Q1 2017. There has been strong growth in the number of leads per month, we are seeing an enormous increase in traffic via SEO, and e-mail continues to be one of our most solid marketing channels.

We are seeing a traffic increase of 28% over last quarter. Additionally, the quality of visitors is improving, thanks to the employed SEO strategies. Conversion has increased to 44%, and the number of leads has risen by an impressive 84%. Gains have been consistent over the last few months.

One quarter of our leads has reached us through e-mail. We attempt to keep the quality of our e-mail database high by automatically removing customers who no longer open the marketing e-mails. This way, we can keep customers from being needlessly annoyed by the volume of e-mail.
Technical challenges
The principal technological challenge was combining the Angular frontend, Drupal, and Picario’s rendering tool. Drupal imports designs, colors, and grips from Picario. These are annotated with custom data such as pricing and modular dependencies in Drupal. The result is sent to Angular, which handles all of the actual interaction with the customer, and communicates with Picario to render the configured kitchen. Once a kitchen has been configured fully and submitted, it is stored in Drupal, and Drupal sends a mail with a price quote to the customer.
Challenges in (combination of) modules
FRMWRK’s policy is to not modify Drupal contrib modules without the involvement of the Drupal community. Custom modules have been created for functionality specific to this project. One of these modules was tasked with the challenge of joining the Drupal backend to the Angular frontend.

The Drupal modules offer the following functionality:
- Regular imports (using cronjobs) of data from Picario for use as static content (e.g. types of cabinet doors, thumbnails, pricing, etc.);
- Importing Nodes and Taxonomy from Picario content;
- Building and handling forms for use in the Angular configurator;
- Sending custom HTML mail enriched with Angular data;
- API coupling to Picario;
- Generating various administrative and configuration pages for use of the configurator.

Additionally, because the kitchen configuration is preserved throughout the process, a module has been implemented to periodically check the database for unfinished configurations, and remind the customer about them via e-mail.

All other custom modules were implemented to set up basic components for the configurator’s frontend.
Contribution form the project to the Drupal-community
No contributions were made to the Drupal community.
Name client
What does the client think about the project?
FRMWRK’s employees are proactive and very invested in the development of the project. Even after the go-live there has been an intense and enjoyable cooperation with FRMWRK. In order to achieve success, it is important to create and invest enough time in this cooperation. FRMWRK’s guidance and advice in this has been excellent. We are very pleased with the process of our cooperation and the results we have achieved together.