400+ websites within 1 Drupal environment: an online community platform for the Association of Lions Clubs The Netherlands.

The case
Social / Community
Launch date
• The Domain Access, Domain Alias, Domain Blocks, Domain Block Title, Domain Configuration, Domain Menu Access, Domain Settings, Domain Theme and Domain Views modules cooperate in order to create 435 websites within one code- and database.
• The use of the Domain Access API.
• Commerce Buckaroo customization which allows Buckaroo as a payment provider to handle two different Buckaroo accounts. This was necessary because the revenue of some products had to be wired to a different bank account than the other products.
• The connection with the custom Lions member database, in order to synchronize data on users, clubs, access rights and roles for country- district- and club websites.
• The requirement to setup a local club website with 1 easy to use and comprehensive web form. For this we developed a custom module.
• The use of the Drupal Simplenews module, in combination of specific recipient lists from the member database.
Community contributions
For this particular project our contribution to the Drupal community can be classified as a 'soft' one. We have introduced 400+ webmasters to Drupal. A large percentage of them were WordPress users and they were biased towards what they thought to be the ‘non-user-friendly’ Drupal CMS. Our Drupal installation and the extra attention for user support has changed this. It’s always fun to observe the faces of webmasters we introduce to Drupal. First there are signs of relief and they are followed by enthusiasm.
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The association of Lions Clubs The Netherlands
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Cipix Internet
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Mark Rooijens
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