Submit a case

Submitting a case will cost €50,- per case. For of the Stichting Drupal Nederland the first submission will be free from charge.

Cases can be submitted in 8 categories. Please be sure to read the rules before you submit you case.

About who is submitting the case
About the case
What was the context for this project? What was the reason the client wanted to do this project?
What objectives did the customer have with the project?
What results did the customer achieve after completion of the project and in what way did the completed work contribute to these results?
What technical challenges were there for the project and how were they overcome?
How were existing modules (contrib) combined to overcome (a) non-everyday challenge (s)?
For example: modules, patches, translations, documentation.
Have the client tell something about the project, the cooperation and the final result.

Upload up to 5 screenshots of the submitted work.

Upload requirements
Link a video-presentation about the project on YouTube of Vimeo.
Please read the terms for sumbitting.